How to capture email addresses from website visitors.

How to Capture Email Addresses from Website Visitors

To successfully capture email addresses from website visitors, you need to offer something in return that benefits them. This could be a free guide, newsletter, report, or checklist, for example.

The more valuable the resource you provide, the more likely website visitors will want to sign up to your list, giving you the opportunity to communicate with them on a regular basis about the products and services you sell to help them with their business goals or personal pursuits.

Some of the biggest digital marketers say that 70% of sales and customer retention success is due to email marketing.

You can choose any process to collect emails from visitors. You can apply some free processes to collect emails.

In this article, I will suggest how to get email addresses from your visitors?

So, let’s start this.

How to Capture Email Addresses Legally?

So, you are thinking that is it possible to collect emails without disturbing the visitors right?

Yes, it is possible. Just you have to be careful that this process should not be your content barrier.

If you use a proper way to collect emails addresses on website, then it will be very profitable to you or for your blogging and business career.

So, you have to use the proper way to collect.

12 Ways to Capture Email Addresses for Email Marketing for Free

1. Create a Popup Form When Visitor Visit
Creating a popup to capture email addresses.

When people or visitors visit your website then try to keep or create a popup that will boost your traffic again and again.

This popup can be like a subscription but it will be free.

So, if you create a pop-up to collect emails then the chances to get the emails from the visitors who are liking your posts will increase.

It will work as a CTA for the visitors and will give them direction, who are willing to read more content.

For this, you can use any free email collector like Mailmunch. And also you can use any plugin if you are using WordPress.

2. Add a Pop-up at the End of Your Content

Most of the visitors who are visiting your website decide to subscribe to your blog posts after reading at least one of your blog posts.

Then they will require something like an auto subscription so that they do not need to check your website time by time.

The subscription will knock them out in time. This subscription can be an email subscription.

Yes, you can set up a popup at the end of the content. If you set up a popup at the end of your content then that will give you more conversion.

3. Generate a Pop-up When a User wants to Exit from the website

This is also a very effective idea to capture email addresses on your website.

So, if you want to collect the emails and promote your site or business through the emails then this will be one of the best ideas.

Visitors will leave your blog posts after reading your post if he/they did not get any place to put his/her email. No matter how much he/she liked your posts.

You need to take the responsibility to attract them or make them come again.

So, if you can set up a pop-up when the user wants to exit your blog or he/she is pressing the back button then it will help you to boost your traffic.

4. Slide in a Request after a Page Scrolls

Sliding in a request after a page scrolls is also very important and one of the best methods to capture email addresses.

Here you need to create a slide page of taking email addresses. The subscription box can slide in from any of the corners.

This type of subscription process is very gentle but eye-catching. You can convert up to 60 to 70 percent of your visitors by this process.

So, this can be a very effective idea to collect email addresses.

5. Display a Sticky Top Bar
Top sticky bar popup to collect email addresses.

This is for the attraction. If you can place a display bar at the top or bottom of the screen and that can rotate with page scrolling then it can give you benefits.

This will attract visitors and for that, the conversion rate will also become high.

In that display bar, you can use any type of call-to-action thing. Like, call, book now ( If it is fitting with your blog or niche ).

Or you can use the email subscription button too. So, I think you can understand that this is a very good and effective way to increase the conversion rate.

To use this display bar, you can check out Hello Bar once. It is a free platform, and it will give you the benefit that you are looking for.

6. Display Sidebar Popup
Sidebar popup

It is also a good way to collect the email addresses of the visitors. You can set up this sidebar on all blog pages.

It is also a good place to place the subscription form. Many of the pro bloggers are using this method.

They are using the subscription form in the sidebar. As it is also a very attractive way to collect emails, that is why their conversion rate is very high.

7. Offer a Content Upgrade
Offer content upgrade or free guide to capture email addresses.

Here you are giving the readers a very important and helpful up-gradation of content. This will help you to create a brand.

Like- when you are giving your readers some extra value then surely it will boost your traffic also.

For example, you are writing content on a topic or something related to your niche. And here you can do one more thing.

You can provide the PDF format of that blog post. But you have to provide that if needed.

That will help you to boost your traffic. Also, you can start rewarding your rewards.

So, always try to offer a content upgrade.

8. Launch a Dedicated Landing Page

If you want to use this process to collect email addresses, then this can be a good option. You can make a dedicated landing page then you should follow.

The things you need to follow-

  1. You can use Social proofs on that page.
  2. Offer something attractive.
  3. You can also use some attractive images.
  4. You can make the email subscription button attractive and noticeable.

So, this is something that you should keep in mind while building your landing page.

9. Create a Google Survey From
Google survey form.

Surveys are used to gather insights from the voters or the readers. But you can use this thing smartly, then you can use this can be a very good option to collect emails.

To build this, you can use any free platform. While you are collecting the emails then this is a very unique way to collect.

And also this is very effective and also not annoying.

10. Create a Quiz Game
Offer quiz game for your visitors to capture email addresses.

Here you can collect email addresses through this amazing process. The main thing or the most important thing in it is- it is very very unique.

The readers will not get irritated and as well as they will give their email easily.

So, you can create a quiz game to get emails.

11. Offer a Giveaway Contest
Give away contest.

This will increase your traffic. Everybody in this world likes gifts that they are getting from others.

If your website is new and you don’t have the traffic you can offer your visitors any kind of service and get their emails.

If you are using this method then surely it will boost your traffic.

12. Add Chat Box to Collect Emails

Chatbox can also be a good option to collect emails. Here if the reader wants to chat with you regarding your article, product, or service you can ask them for emails.

This is one effective way to connect with visitors and solve their problems. There are many free chat services in the market you can add to your website.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How to collect emails without a website?

    There is some effective way to collect emails without a website. And that is-
    1. By sending the visitors to your social media pages.
    2. You can run contests to collect emails.
    3. Offer attractive deals and offers.

  2. How do I capture email leads?

    The methods are-
    1. Target the right audiences.
    2. Match the intent of the content with the right offer.
    3. Try to reduce friction if possible.
    These are some effective ways to collect emails addresses.


I would say capture email addresses for email marketing is a very powerful and effective way to build a brand and it will also increase your sales or traffic.

So, take it seriously and follow the best process that you think, from the above-mentioned ideas.


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