What is web hosting and how does it work? What are Web Hosting Types and what features included in that? We will see all these topics today.

Today is the era of the Internet. Everyone knows that if you need any information, then open Browser in Computer or Mobile. 

If you want to search, then type Topic in Google Search Engine, the list of related Topic Websites will appear.

And if the domain name of the website is the address, then typing in the URL directly and pressing the Enter button, the website will be on the front screen. 

Even this information is good for a general or non technical user. With this, his work will be done.

But when it comes to making your own blog or website. So we should also have further information. To create a blog, first of all we should know the Niche (topic) of our blog.

After this, you should choose and buy the domain name. And then you should buy a hosting plan. 

But why Web Hosting? What is the need for this? The answer is, whatever content we will write in our blog or website, put pictures or videos, where will that store be. And who will manage it…? Let’s know that – What is web hosting?

What is Web Hosting and Why Do You Need it? 

Web Hosting is a service by which any website provides Storing Space for content files such as Coding, Images, Videos etc. on the Web Server.

Also, other technical facilities are made available so that the website can be easily and conveniently available on the Internet at the right time.

Just as any computer is known as its Processor. Hosting Services is known as its Hosting Server.

Each web hosting company has different plans, and they are priced accordingly. With which the company incorporates other features in the plan as per the server’s privacy.

So, if we create a blog or website, then we have to take a hosting plan. Which plan to take depends on the requirement of our website. 

Because the hosting company has plans for a small website or blog to a large e-commerce site. For more information, read Web Hosting Services Wikipedia.

It is very important to make the choice with the right hosting company with the right plan. 

Because it is not a One Time Buying Product. Our website requires 24 X 7 X 365 Performance from Web Hosting Company.

In such a situation, if the hosting company does not meet the plan as per our purchased plan, then we may be at a disadvantage. 

Therefore, we should take special care while choosing the hosting company and its plan. Now What is web hosting? This is the turn of the web server after knowing this.

What is a Web Server?

A server is a higher capacity computer system, on which Server Software (OS) runs. The entire content of the hosting website is saved on it. 

Through this, computers connected all over the world can get the content of our website online.

As we have known that the Web Hosting Company sells each of its plans in the name of the server to be used in it. 

What is web hosting and how web server works.

Above image showing us to User open your website means sending a signal to the Internet to open your website.

Internet take a request from user and send it to the web server.

Web server receive request from Internet and send back signals to the Internet.

And then Internet send this request to user so he can open your website.

Let’s know about Web Hosting Plans from Detail –

Types of Hosting (Server Based):

The type of hosting is based on the server being used. And accordingly its price is determined. 

For which hosting plan we should take in our website or blog, it is important to know the type of web hosting. 

Let us know how many types of web hosting are there –

Shared Web Hosting:

When many other websites are hosted on your own server along with your website, it is called Shared Web Hosting. It has been designed for Entry Level Website Owners.

It can be used from personal blog / website to small or medium sized business blog / website. Shared Web Hosting is the easiest to set up.

But it has a Low Traffic Handling Capacity. And that’s why it is the cheapest web hosting service. 

So if you are starting Blogging or Website, then this is an appropriate option. In the future, if traffic increases, you can shift your website or blog to another web hosting. 

For more information, read Shared Web Hosting Service Wikipedia.

Benefits of using Shared Web Hosting:

Easy Setup Process

Ready Made Configuration Process

Easy Control Panel

Lowest price

Disadvantages of using Shared Web Hosting:

When there is more traffic on other websites hosted on the server, our Site Slow Load occurs.

Limited options are available on Server Setting.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). VPS Hosting is considered better than Shared Hosting.

Actually it is Shared Hosting only. But in this, each Hosting Website is separately Dedicated Virtual Partition. 

Due to which there is traffic load on other hosted websites, their side effects do not fall on our site. So, it behaves somewhat like Dedicated Server.

Because in this we also get complete control over Configuration Access. 

VPS Hosting is mainly used by those websites or blogs who want to get some important features of Dedicated Hosting at a low cost. 

Benefits of using VPS Hosting:

Dedicated Space (Virtually) is available on the server.

The actual Dedicated Server costs less.

Customization setting is available.

Server Root Access is available.

Traffic Load of other Host Websites does not affect our Site.

Disadvantages of using VPS Hosting:

Price is higher than Shared Hosting.

Knowledge of Server Customization Setting is required.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Servers are used in Dedicated Hosting. In this, the entire server only hosts your website. 

In this, the server can be completely customized. This is suitable hosting for a High Traffic Website. 

But its price is much higher than Shared Hosting. In addition, a Higher Secure Environment is available with the help of Advanced Software.

Benefits of using Dedicated Hosting:

Full control over server settings and configuration.

Server Root Access is possible.

Fast content load from Shared and VPS Hosting.

Can do more Traffic Handle.

High Security Features available.

Is more reliable.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting Use:

Its price is higher than Shared and VPS Hosting.

Technical Expertise is required to operate the server.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is considered to be the most reliable of all Web Hostings. Hosting Provider inter-connected several web servers in it to form a network. 

This is called Cluster of Servers. The content and files of our website are available in the Cache Memory of each server. 

So even if there are one or two servers down, our website is not down. 

In addition, features like Unlimited Domain, Infinite Disk Space and Unmetered Bandwidth are provided. 

Benefits of using Cloud Hosting:

There is no problem with website downtime.

There is no effect on the website even if one or two servers fail.

Price is determined by the Bandwidth, Space etc. used.

Disadvantages of using Cloud Hosting:

Price cannot be accurately observed before.

Root Access does not have full control.

Generally, its services are costly.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress Hosting is a type of Shared Hosting Service. It is designed primarily for WordPress Website or Blog.

In this, the configuration and settings of the server are tailored to the WordPress CMS. 

Features related to WordPress in WordPress Hosting such as – WordPress Themes, Plugins, Cashing and Security Settings are pre-installed.

It provides Highly Customized Environment in collaboration with WordPress. This gives WordPress users a suitable hosting service at a low cost.

Benefits of using WordPress Hosting:

It is user friendly.

Price is lower than normal Shared Hosting.

Free and Easy WordPress Installation is available.

Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins available.

WordPress Tutorials and Customer Support available.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress Hosting:

Only suitable for WordPress Sites.

Basic Themes or Plugins are free. But Extra Fee Pay is required for Premium Service.

WordPress CMS, WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins need regular updates.

What are the Features Provided in Web Hosting?

Uptime Guarantee:

 A good hosting server should have a Uptime above 99%.

Server Location: 

Hosting Server Location must be close to Target Audion’s.


Our chosen hosting plan should have sufficient Bandwidth. Due to which there is more traffic, media files like Photos, Video’s can easily load.

Files Access Approval: 

Pre or Easy Files Access Approval must be obtained by hosting plans. 

So that you can do the necessary Modification on the files if needed. Such as – FTP, MySQL, .htaccess, SSH, PHP etc.

Control Panel Dashboard:

So that daily necessary tasks can be updated by themselves. Email address, account password and other server configurations and settings etc. without any external technical service.

Multiple Domain Hosting: 

So that more than one Domains can be hosted on the same hosting plan.


Web Hosting should have a competitive price. So that you will be able to afford him for the long term.

Security Consideration: 

There should be enough features of Website Security through your hosting. So that your site can be protected from hackers or other unsafe access.

Backup Support: 

Your hosting should have the option of your Site Backup. So that if there is any problem, then you can restore the old backup.

Mobile Access:

Access should be available on mobile devices.

Email Support should be available through Email on Domain: 

Hosting Service, so that you can use your Domain Professional Email. Like [email protected]

Good Online Reviews: 

Your Hosting Company should have good brand value. And there should be Good Reviews or Ratings by users who already use it.

Industry Experience: 

New companies are being opened every day. In such a situation, if after two years, the Web Hosting Service is closed for some reason, then their customers are in a lot of inconvenience. Therefore old and experienced web hosting should be chosen only.

Number of Customers:

Your hosting company should have more customers. This helps to assess its successful products.

Customer / Technical Support: 

24X7 customer support should be available through the Trained and Professional Team of your Hosting Service.

How and where can I buy a hosting?

By the way, many companies providing Hosting Services have come into the market. But it is not like a product using One Time. 

We have already discussed how important it is to choose the right hosting.

So the hosting company should have all the features mentioned above. According to my research, the top 3 companies of my choice of hosting are –

1st Choice – Bluehost: Click here to see its various plans and features.

2nd Choice –Hostgator: Click here to see its various plans and features.

3rd Choice –Hostinger: If you are beginner and want lowest price hosting. Click here to see its various plans and features.

Blue Domain has the option of Free Domain available to the new user. Is your desired domain available? Check now at the tool below. It is free.

Conclusion :

What is web hosting and how does it work ? Types of Web Hosting? And what should be the features in Perfect Web Hosting? Is explained step by step point wise. 

Let’s hope that this post ”What is web hosting? ” would have been liked. But still if there is a Doubt then definitely ask in the Comment Box. 

If you find this information useful, then share it with your friends. Thank you.

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