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What is a Web Hosting and How It’s Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking up what is web hosting? And if that’s the case, you’re in luck!

This article will tell you everything you need to know about web hosting, including the differences between shared and dedicated web hosting, the best ways to select a web host provider, and how to create your first website with WordPress.

What is Web Hosting?

So web hosting means, whenever you open any website using your browser, the website starts downloading from the server and then start downloading in your browser using the internet, it is called web hosting.

What is web hosting and how does it work.

You can buy a space for your website, so for your website to work properly you need HTML files, CSS files, JS files, and other scripting language files and media files, all these files are stored in the server, Then whenever you open the browser it is getting downloaded.

So web hosting means that you are buying server space from any Hosting company to keep all the content of your website on the server.

If you are looking for better hosting, you can go with a dedicated server and then a VPS server.

How To Choose A Great Web Host

If you’re looking to get started with your own website, choosing a web host will likely be one of your first big decisions.

The right web host can mean a lot to both you and your business in terms of security, speed, affordability, and scalability. But how do you make that decision? Where do you even begin looking for one? That’s where we come in.

Read our full article on the best Hosting site to buy and start your website or blog.

What is Downloading?

You must be using Facebook or WhatsApp, whenever any of your friends send an image in WhatsApp, what happens from your friend’s mobile phone the image goes to the WhatsApp server and from there it is getting downloaded.

Here is another example to download.

Friend sending mail through server.

Another example is, whenever a friend of yours sends you an email, it first goes to the email server and then gets stored and whenever you open your email client, it is getting downloaded again. This is called downloading.

What is Server Space?

Server space means that image in WhatsApp instance and email in email instance, in both the cases, this image, email, video, audio all these things are stored in the server, which is called server space.

What is the domain related to Hosting?

Ever we have seen, while discussing with our customers, customers sometimes think that if I just buy the domain name, then I will get my website too, no it is not.

A domain name is just a URL, it is just a name or address for your web hosting server. For example, if you are going to buy a domain name mybusiness.com that my business.com is a domain name, and hosting means that, yourmybusiness.com has a website and it has all the related sites and that in web hosting are being stored.

Whenever someone types mybusiness.com in a browser that browser takes you to the URL that is pointing to your web hosting server that is how domain and hosting are related.

What are the Type of files Stored in Web Hosting?

You can store any kind of files like CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, Perl, Audio, Video, Document files, whatever files you need to host in your website, you can store them all in your web hosting.

Again we will see what is the role or function of your web hosting server.

What’s happening in the server whenever someone types your domain name, the requested files are there by the browser to view your website, then the webserver reads all the files from the storage and then sends it to your browser.

This is the main role of your web hosting server as well as it does the processing, like processing PHP files and your content management system like WordPress, Joomla, so all these content management systems are all web applications that you use nowadays.

It is written by using script languages ​​such as PHP, Pearl, or Java. So the execution of these files has produced the output part of the web hosting server, this is one of the major roles of the web hosting server.

Types of Hosting

There are three different types of hosting:

  1. Share Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Server
Different types of hosting shared, vps and dedicated.
Shared Hosting

So I will tell you when you have to go for Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server. You can go for shared hosting if you have a let’s say 5 pages or 10-page website.

Or let’s say you have budget constraints and you have to move, let’s say if you want to make a blog then maybe I would suggest you go with shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting it means as if there is a server. This server is a physical server where multiple virtual servers are created, so these virtual servers are called VPS hosting.

So you can go for this VPS hosting when you want to give some kind of importance to your business. In other words, if you think that your business or your website is the most important part of your business then definitely you have to go for this VPS hosting.

VPS hosting has many advantages when you will take complete control over your server number 1 and your server will be used only by your number 2 and it will have better performance in which you will have dedicated RAM and CPU.

So definitely you can start with VPS hosting. For example, VPS hosting will come with more processing power, more CPU, it can serve more requests to more clients as compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a type of server where the entire box of servers i.e. the entire server is dedicated to you.

So what happens is that you have a dedicated RAM and dedicated CPU, dedicated hardware and everything will be provided only to you.

In this case, also we provide Virtual Dedicated Server in Virtual Dedicated Server, what happens is the same as VPS hosting but it comes with a dedicated RAM and CPU disk which is only for you, which will not be used by anyone else.

This dedicated virtual server has better features in it or it has many different advantages when it comes to a bare metal dedicated server, in case of a kind of recovery in case of hardware failure or backup, restore.

So any company like medium-size or small-size or even enterprise customers who think that their website is an important part of their business, you can go with a dedicated server or cloud server as well.

So We Will Next Look at What You Get With Your Website

Generally, whenever you buy a website you get a website builder, your email account, SSL certificate, FTP, database, and domain name.

So once you enter your control panel you can see a lot of options available to you so we have discussed the role of servers, types of hosting, and other things.

Now we will discuss which plans will best suit my needs 

I will suggest that if you think your website is very important for your business or you are going to start an eCommerce business or you will do some kind of online application, definitely you should go with a minimum VPS server or cloud or dedicated server.

If you have some information type website which is going to be some 10 pages or blog or it is to give information about your services then you can go with shared hosting.

What do I get with My Hosting Plan?

We have already discussed how to choose a good web hosting provider. So let me explain to you that – choosing your hosting company is important for your business.

First of all, if you are from India then choose an Indian hosting company. If you are from the USA choose a company that is based in the USA. Choose a European company for European customers.

Why I am suggesting this is that you get better support and better latency when you choose a company from your location.

What is latency?

Latency means how long it takes for files or media files or HTML files, CSS files to download from your webserver to your browser.

Rather, I am explaining in simple words. Technically Speaking Latency means how long it takes for a packet to reach your browser from the server. So generally there are 2 types of internet transmission protocols. One is called UDP and the other is TCP.

Migrate your server from US to India.

So most of the applications on the internet use TCP so whenever you ask for any data from the server the whole data gets split into many packets and the time it takes to send the data from server to browser is called latency.  

Let’s say you are in India and you are buying a server from Canada, the latency between India and Canada is usually 250- 300ms, whereas if you buy a server from India the latency is around 30, 40, or 50 ms.

This means your website can load at least 5 times faster! This is the most important thing. And most importantly when choosing your web hosting company they provide chat, ticket-based support, email support, phone support.

These are the most important things you need to choose when you choose your hosting company. So once I’ve bought a hosting, what happens next? Do you need to connect your domain name and hosting?

We have another article on how to start a WordPress blog. In this article, I will show you step by step how to buy hosting and domain and then install it on your website.

Conclusion :

If you want to start a business or blog website then you have to choose a better hosting platform for your website. I hope this article will help you in answering all your questions.

Let’s hope you liked this post ”What is web hosting? “. But still, if there is a Doubt then definitely ask in the Comment Box. 

If you find this information useful, then share it with your friends. Thank you.


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