Most new bloggers do not know this when they start blogging. What is SEO friendly URL structure in WordPress

This is due to less information, most users are not aware that the WordPress URL structure is not SEO friendly by default. 

So now the question is how do I get SEO friendly url structure in our wordpress. In this article we will tell you about WordPress SEO friendly URL structure and how you can customize your WordPress permalinks.

What is an SEO Friendly URL?

Friends Before we let you know in depth about WordPress permalinks. Before that you need to know, what is an SEO friendly url?

Friends, an SEO friendly URL is the one in which the keywords of your content are present. This keyword explains your content that users will get information about in this content. 

Apart from this, it is very easy to read an SEO friendly url for humans and search engines. Due to which your chances of getting a high rank in search engines are increased. With which more and more organic traffic starts coming to your website.

Below we are giving an example of some SEO friendly URL structure, you try to understand by looking at these example –

How to set seo friendly url.

Thankfully by default WordPress uses our post name as the URL. This default URL structure is considered to be the most SEO friendly URL structure by WordPress. Despite this, why do WordPress users ask us about the best permalinks structures?

This is because in the earlier version of WordPress, WordPress did not use post names as URL structures. At that time WordPress used the URL permalinks structure by default. 

It used to be a very useless and non-SEO friendly url structure. As we have already given you an example of a bad URL structure above.

But in the later wordpress 4.2 version, wordpress changed it. Since then, your WordPress now uses your post name as the URL structure, which is considered very SEO friendly. 

If you have recently installed your wordpress, then the url structure of your website is SEO friendly and you do not need to change it. 

Apart from this, you can easily verify permalinks settings by going to your WordPress admin area.

Permalink Settings Page

Friends in WordPress, we know links by the name of permalinks, this is a short form of permanent links. 

As we know that we can use permalinks structure and URL structure in one place. To do this you first have to go to your WordPress admin area.

After that you have to click on Settings, after that you have to click on the option of permalinks. After clicking on Permalinks, a page will open in front of you, which will look like the screenshot shown below.

Seo friendly url structure structure in wordpress.

And as you can see in the screenshot above, there are many choices for you here. Such as – Plain, Day and name, Months and name, Numeric, Post name, Custom Structure.

Plain :

The first option in this is the default wordpress URL structure of Plain. You should never choose this option, because it is not SEO friendly for search engines. 

Day and Name :

After this, the second option is day and this option of name is a bit SEO friendly. Because in it, the date you published the post, the date and then the post name is used.

Due to the date structure being used in the url structure, your url can be long. But you also get an advantage of this, by this you can know how old any of your content is and whether it should be updated now or not. 

As soon as you update an outdated content, publish it again. So the updated date will be used in the url of that post, in this way it helps you to keep your post and article up to date.

If your website is a news website then you must use the date in your url structure. Through which users can know when you published that news article. This improves the users experience on your news website and users spend more time on your news website.

Month and Name :

Months and name url structure works just like the date and name url structure. You can use whichever of these in your WordPress URL structure.

Post Name :

The best SEO friendly structure in all these options is the post name, because it is short and attractive. Also if you have a big title or your post name is big. So you can use custom URL structures, it is also SEO friendly.

We use the custom permalinks structure for the post url structure of our website. Because with its help we can modify the URL structure of our post and make it SEO friendly. 

After adding categories in the custom permalinks structure, use your post name. Because it lets users know in which categories they will find your article.

Because our website is very big and there are more than thousands of articles on our sites. Therefore, it is very important to define all those articles properly. 

Not only for you but for the users so that you and the users will be able to know in which categories your post has been written. Using categories in the post url structure of your sites helps search engines to understand your article or post.

This is the reason why most websites use it in their url structure. If you use custom url structure in your wordpress, then you must use special tags or categories in it. Such as – /% category% /% postname% /

Create a Custom URL Structure with Available Tags

Friends, if you want the best results, then we would recommend that you copy our url structure into your url structure. 

Apart from this, you can use tags in your custom url structure. Below, we are telling you about some such tags, by which you can create your own custom URL structure by using it in the url structure.

% year% – In this, there will be a year show in your url, in which year did you publish that article. Like 2021

% monthnum% – On using this, your url will show that month of the year when you published that article. Like 08

% day% – On using it, your url structure will have that date show, the date on which you published that article. Like 27

Friends, there are other similar tags that you can use to create a custom url structure for yourself. Such as – hour, minute, second, postname, post_id, category, author.

When you have chosen your permalinks structure, after that you have to click on the save changes button. 

As soon as you click on the Save Changes button, WordPress automatically updates the custom url structure in your site’s .htaccess file. After this, your WordPress website immediately starts using this new url structure in your website.

Warning for Established Website

Friends, if your WordPress website is running for more than 6 months. So our advice to you is that you do not change the permalinks structure of your site. You do not need to change the url structure of your website nor copy our url structure.

Because if we change the url structure of a website which is running for more than 6 months. So you lose all your social media share count, with this you can also lose your SEO ranking. If it is very important for you that you change your wordpress url structure.

Then you should hire a professional for this job. So that it will redirect all the links properly but in spite of this you will lose all social share counts on your page. 

But if your website is using the plain url structure, then no matter how old you are while running your website. 

You should update your url structure for better SEO, of course why do you have to lose all your social share counts by doing so. Because later on you will also get a lot of benefits from it.

Conclusion :

Hope you have liked this article of ours and it must have been helpful for all of you. If you have any questions, please comment below and tell us, we will be happy to help you. With this, share this article with our friends on social media.

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